Table Management Features


With Table Management you can keep up with the various status of tables and assign guests to them. You can digitally identify tables as Open, Hold, Bus or Occupied.

Table Management view.

Create a table list for your location in LRS Connect (How to create a table list LINK). Turn on table assignment on On Cue for Restaurants following these steps: 

  1. Click on the Menu icon at the top left.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Tables
  4. Ask about table assignment when a guest is seated can be turned on and off. 

The Table Management view displays a list of every table in the restaurant with it’s capacity, section and current status. Tables sorting can be changed by taping on the headers. Sort by Table, Capacity, Section or Status. The caret to the right indicates the direction of the sort. Each table has a color coded square which indicates status:

Colored icons help identify the status of each table on the list. 

  • To update a table status, select the table to update and tap on the new table status on the right side panel. The history of the last 24 hours of the selected table is shown below the status buttons, the most recent status change is shown on top.
  • Open All and Occupy All are buttons at the bottom of the table view, available when viewing All or viewing with any filters.
  • You can filter by table sizes of 2, 4, 6, and 8 or more by selecting the filter numbers on the top navigation. Each filter selection shows the table capacity, plus and minus one. For example, if you select 4, you’ll see tables with capacity from 3 to 5. To unselect the filters, tap it once more or just select All.


Table assignment modal.

Assigning tables

With the table list created and table assignment turned on, you can start assigning guests to tables. 

  1. In the Guest List, select a guest to seat and Notify them, to prepare them to be seated.
  2. When the guest is ready to be seated select Seat.
  3. A modal with the table list with and current table status will appear. 
  4. Select a table and then Seat Guest or you can choose to Skip Table Assignment. The guest will be removed from the wait list and placed on the Seated list.
  • The party size and name of the guest being assigned a table are displayed at top part of the modal.
  • Tables are sorted by their status, showing Open tables first.
  • Guests can be seated on any table, regardless of their status. For instance, a table status might still show Bus, but the hostess can see that in fact is Open, so it can be assigned.
  • Skip Table Assignment can be selected, Table assignment is not required.
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