Multi-iPad Syncing Intro

With On Cue for Restaurants you can now manage Guests and Tables from up to 5 iPads.

Synced iPads share one Guest List and Table list, they can perform all actions to manage them independently. For example, Guests added on one iPad could be paged or notified from a different one.

Users with multiple iPads have the flexibility to use different Confirmation and Notification messages, Wait Time Warning Times and Preferences. These need to be set up on each iPad, they don't sync and are not required to match.

For iPads to sync the following is required:

  • On Cue for Restaurants on each iPad needs to be activated to the same LRS Connect Account and Location.
  • iPads must be on the same WiFi network.
  • Synching is supported on iPad 2 or newer models

Read how to start syncing at Multi-iPad Syncing - Get Started.

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