Multi-iPad Syncing - Get started

To get your first iPad started read Downloading On Cue And Creating An Account. If you already have On Cue and would like to sync with other iPads follow these steps:

1 - Log into LRS Connect to Add a Device. 

2 - Select the applicable location on the left panel.

3 - On the overview tab you'll first see the Name and Activation Code associated to your existing iPad in an Active status. To sync your new iPads click on +Add Device.

4 - A new Device will appear with an Awaiting Activation status. Click on the Device Name to name your iPad so you can easily identify your synced devices later on.

5 - Download the latest version of On Cue for Restaurants on your second/third iPads.

6 - Enter the newly added Device Code in your second/third iPad with On Cue for Restaurants.

 Devices screen of an On Cue for Restaurant's user synced with other iPads.

7 - Check that all iPads are on the same WiFi network. The Devices screens on every iPad will update to reflect each other as Synced Devices (it could take up to one minute for the screens to update).

Your Guests and Tables are now synced!

Remember your Settings and Preferences don't sync so you'll have to adjust those separately.  

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