Multi-iPad Syncing - Troubleshooting

For On Cue for Restaurants to properly sync multiple iPads these are needed:

All iPads should be running the latest available version of the app in the AppStore

The easiest way to ensure having the latest version of your apps is to set it for automatic updates on your iPad's Settings>iTunes & App Store>Automatic Downloads, enable Updates for Automatic Downloads.

Every iPad needs to be activated to the same Account and Location in LRS Connect

To check the Account and Location for each iPad ensure that these match in the Settings>Account screen. 


Account Details for synced iPads for Account La Empanadita Loca and Buenos Aires location.

All iPads must be on the same WiFi network

On Cue for Restaurants syncs only if the iPads are be on the same network constantly and exclusively. If the connection is ever interrupted, syncing will be renewed only after both iPads are on the same network again.

If more than one WiFi connection is available, iPads can sometimes "jump networks" and connect to a different network. You can prevent this by going to the iPad Settings>WiFi and enabling the Ask to Join Networks option. This will prompt a question requesting permission to join a different network before actually doing so. If the question comes up, deny permission to prevent interruptions to syncing.

Firewall must support multicast

The network used to connect and synch the iPads must support multicast for them to see each other and synch.

Learn more about required Firewall Settings.


Aruba routers require enabling the AirGroup feature for synching to properly work. See the Aruba Airgroup Deployment Guide for details. 

Notification requirements not directly linked to syncing:

  • To notify guests with pagers, the transmitter must be on the same network as the iPads with On Cue for Restaurants. 
  • To notify guests with SMS the WiFi network used on the iPads must be internet enabled.  Read more about appropriate set up at Recommended WiFi Set Up for On Cue

 All iPads need to be on the same time

Ensure all iPads have the same iOS time Settings. Check this by launching the iPad's Settings and on the General tab, select Date & Time. Make sure the Time Zones for all iPads are the same and enable "Set Automatically."

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