FAQs - Guest Pager Series

This FAQ pertains to the Guest Pager Series ONLY.
 - Guest Pager (RX-CS6)
 - Guest Pager Pro (RX-CS7)
 - Guest Pager Note (RX-AT9)


Q. Is a special tool or software required to program the Guest Pager Series?

No. Pagers may be programmed over the air from an LRS Guest Paging transmitter.

Q. Which LRS transmitters can program the number of the Guest Pager, Guest Pager Pro, and Guest Pager Note over the air?

Both of the current LRS guest paging transmitters, the Freedom TX-7470 & TX-9560MT can program pager numbers over the air. Most of the previous LRS guest paging transmitters also support this feature. Consult the user manual for your transmitter for specific capabilities.

Q. When ordering pager replacements or expansions, can I reprogram the numbers myself?

Yes, reorders can be programmed by the end user. However, this would be most commonly done with the Guest Pager Pro or Guest Pager Note, model #RX-CS7 or #RX-AT9. As those two pagers offer a digital display that can be easily updated. Whereas the Guest Pager, model #RX-CS6, has a labeled number affixed to it. Therefore, updating the programmed number would likely require the sticker to be removed and updated as well. Consult your transmitter manual for instructions. All of our transmitter manuals may be found in the Transmitter Section. You may also request specific numbers when you re-order and LRS will send them already programmed correctly.

Q. Is setting the System ID for the pagers different than for the Coaster Call pagers?

No - Reference the user manual for your transmitter for specific instructions.

Q. Is auto-numbering (renumbering while stacked on the charging base) supported?

Currently auto-numbering is not supported. Stay tuned. Our research and development team is exploring this feature.

Q. What colors are available?

Guest Pager (RX-CS6): Red
Guest Pager Pro (RX-CS7): Red, Green, Blue, Ice White, Rainbow
Guest Pager Note (RX-AT9):Red, Green, Blue, Ice White, Rainbow

Q. Can the end user change the color of the pager on the fly?

Currently color adjusting is not supported, and the color of the pager can not be changed once it's been set by LRS.  Stay tuned. Our research and development team is exploring this feature.


Q. Can I use my older Coaster Call charger with the new Guest Pager Series?

Yes. Older Coaster Call pagers may be stacked with the new Guest Pager Series on the same charger. The charger has not changed. Note: See this article for information about the required power supply.

Q. If I run a seasonal operation and only use my pagers for part of the year, how should I store them?

It is important to keep your pagers on charge when not using them for long periods of time. Pagers should never be kept off of charge for more than four months. This prevents complete battery level depletion and subsequent battery failure.

Q. How should I clean my pager? Is the plastic any different than previous models?

The plastic composition has not changed. Please refer to our cleaning and care article for cleaning instructions.


Q. Has the order process changed for these new pagers?

No. You may still order in the way(s) that you have in the past. If in doubt, you may call 800.437.4996 and ask for sales to place an order.

Q. Can I mix the new Guest Pager Series and use them with my older Coaster Call pagers or do I need to purchase all new pagers?

Both versions may be used together and may even be charged together.


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