Adding Additional iPads to your Table Tracker System

The Table Tracker 3.0 Solution supports up to 5 iPads.  This is helpful in situations where wait times and order location data needs to be displayed in several areas, such as:  

  • A filtered order view of dine-in orders only for dining room food runners
  • A filtered order view of to-go orders only for to-go staff
  • A view of orders and wait times for the food prep area or bar area
  • An iPad that's available for the manager to monitor performance throughout the day

When using more than one iPad, here are a few tips for setting them up.    

Tips for setting up additional iPads: 

  1. Each iPad should be within 30 feet of the Wi-Fi access point without any major obstructions between the Wi-Fi access point and the iPad like walls, large equipment like stoves and refrigerators. 
  2. Each iPad should be set to the same time.  If the times differ between iPads, that can affect the reporting data's order and delivery times since they all work together and can independently be used to clear orders.    
  3. Each iPad should be set to the same timezone.  Again, if the timezone differs, reporting data will be adversely affected.  
  4. Each iPad should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the LRS Gateway. 
  5. Each iPad should have the Table Tracker application installed and Activated.
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