Using Multiple iPads

Table Tracker can work with up to 4 iPads.

The requirements are that all iPads:

  • Are on the same WiFi network
  • Are paired to the same Account and Location
  • Have the same iOS version and Table Tracker app version (recommended).

Ensure that the requirements above are met and then follow these next steps to add an iPad to your system:

Step 1 - Launch the Table Tracker app on your new added iPad

Step 2 - Press the Menu icon on the top left

Step 3 - Select Devices screen

Step 4 - Enter the Device code for this iPad and press pair. Learn more here.

Note: If the iPad was previously connected to another WiFi network, it may cause a problem in the future. For example, if your Table Tracker network falls offline, the iPad might automatically connect to a former network. The best way to alleviate this issue is to “forget” the previously connected networks. To do this, simply select the information icon or “i” next to previously connected networks. Next, select “Forget this Network.”

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