Update your Windows based Table Tracker

Please make sure you are connected to the internet, you should see "New version available (2.#.##), go to config to update."  in the top right corner of the screen prompting you to update your software. Follow these steps to perform the Table Tracker update:

1 - Click the Config button to be taken to the System screen. 

2 - Click on the Download button. Depending on the speed of your internet connection the update might take a few minutes.

3 - Once the download is complete, the button changes to Install. Click on Install and The Welcome to the LRS Table Tracker Setup Wizard will launch, select Next, review the prompts with questions and click on OK or Yes to continue. 
A User Account Control window might appear asking "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" select Yes to continue.

4 - A window prompting you to create a database backup will appear. The answer is defaulted to Create a Backup. Review and uncheck if you don't want the backup. Select Next to continue.


The upgrade is now complete. Check the box and Launch LRS Table tracker.  

You will be prompted to enter a device code when you launch Table Tracker for the first time after upgrading if you are currently connected to the internet and uploading Table Tracker data into the LRS DB reporting tool. You can obtain your device code by logging into LRS Connect, click here for instructions, or you may request your device code by submitting an LRS Support request above. If you don't have the Device Code readily available you can opt out by selecting Cancel and enter that later.

Do you have a Host client setup? If yes, follow these instructions:

1 - Install upgrade one PC at a time.
2 - Start with the Host PC first.


3 - On the Client PC, you will see this message while the host is being updated. Please leave the client open and complete the upgrade on the host before performing the client upgrade. 
4 - Once the Host install is complete the message will change to the following. Select Download when you are ready to update and follow the same steps as detailed above or Quit to update at a later moment.

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-437-4996.

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