Setting Up a Handheld Table Updater Device with On Cue

On Cue for Restaurants easily integrates with LRS' Handheld Table Updater to take full advantage of the Table Management functionality within On Cue.

The Table Updater is a device about the size of a small remote control, and is used by staff to remotely update the On Cue application with table statuses as they change throughout the day. 

To function properly, the Handheld Table Updater requires a paging system transmitter, specifically a TX-7470 from LRS with TX-TC functionality.  To prepare the transmitter to coordinate with the Handheld Table Updater and On Cue, please follow these instructions: 

Enable "wait reducer" mode by selecting:

Step 1 - Press Setup button

Step 2 - Press System

Step 3 - Press Wait Reducer 

Step 4 - Press Enable

Once you've verified your TX-7470 is ready, download the On Cue for Restaurants application, register for an account and enter your activation code. 

Then, set-up your table lists to appear within your On Cue for Restaurants application. 


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